Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Cramping my Style

Every Morning when I drive into work I talk to my Mother who lives on the opposite end of the country. I know she looks foreword to these morning chats as much as I do. I am usually just making the 15 minute drive to the office, but sometimes my Mom gets to pick up milk, fruit, bread and yogurt with me at the grocery store or Bagels and cream cheese at the Bagel Store. I love my Mom who encourages me to speak my mind.

So my Mom and I started talking about my rants on my blog. She was concerned that I was unhappy and very upset about everything that's going on at my work. After I assured her that I wasn't depressed and doing just fine I realized what is irritating me is... all this bologna is Cramping My Style.

I don't like when the alarm clock goes off each morning, just like everyone. But once it goes off I'm usually awake and within a few minutes putting on some exercise clothes and heading down to the basement for 30 minutes on the elliptical. I watch TV switching between, music stations and the news...its fun! for the rest of the day I have music playing in my head and pretty much at any moment can break into dance if asked. I guess I kind of have a party going on inside at most times unless something really horrible just happened. I like to be happy, and hate to be sad. I prefer to be around funny people, not boring frowny-faced-sad-sacks, fun-suckers, or Wet Blankets.

My office is filled with smart, funny people. Really sad personal things have happened to almost everyone in the time we have spent working together. One of my coworkers just lost his wife to cancer 2 weeks ago, that is sad. But here he is walking into the office with a smile on his face greeting everyone with a friendly Hello. In the midst of all the fear associated with losing a job or uprooting your family we can still sit down and laugh out loud at the ridiculous going's on around us at the lunch table. At this moment 2 of my coworkers are swapping emails insulting each others Alma Maters, I can hear the jeers behind the closed doors. I think YouTube video's are involved...this makes me smile.

Losing my job and watching others lives be thrown into turmoil has been a really crappy thing to go through. But like many things in life you get to choose if the melody in your head will be "Celebrate Good Times" or " the Death March." "Single Ladies" is almost over, up next is some KC and the Sunshine Band, wanna dance?

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