Monday, September 19, 2011

Interview do over

Like many people out there I am in the Interview process. looking for a job and trying to decide which direction my life should go. I took the summer off to enjoy my family and recharge. Last week I had a second interview. I feel like it went well but feel like I could have done better. I should have sold myself more, I should have let them know I was capable of doing the job, and I was the lady for them. I need a do over!

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the interview...perhaps a little too much. After sitting down with the group of people in charge of hiring we started to chat. Turns out I grew up with one of their old girl friend, I was raised with the wife of one of their in laws, and one of their Mothers married the Father of my brothers best friend. Yea it was one of those Forrest Gump moments.

Even though I made those social connections and I have a pretty decent resume I could have gone in and made sure they knew I was the one for the job. I find out this week if my interviewing days are over, but just in case I failed I'll make sure to prepare like a politician next time, and turn conversations into opportunities to sell myself. "And by the way I just took a refresher course on Microsoft Office 2011", and "my best selling point is the time I have to put into a families grown and I have fewer and fewer distractions outside the office."

I went to a Bridal Shower this weekend and found myself talking to a women about my age who is also figuring out whats next. After going back to school she is in the process of trying to get into 3 different very competitive programs at a local University. We laughed at some of the options and directions we could go if we are turned down. She told me she may just apply to work at the new fancy grocery store opening up around the corner from her home, stacking apples sounded good to her and they have really nice aprons. I've looked at selling passes at the ski resort 15 minutes from my house (I'd get free and discount ski passes), and a front desk job at the Aquarium selling tickets and working in the gift shop.

I did manage to say in my interview, "all want is to get my foot in the door, I can do anything". If my future lies at this new start up company, at the ski resort, the Aquarium, or somewhere else I'm sure I will find a way to make my job just what I want it to be and take advantage of the opportunities placed in front of me. Stacking apples leads to management, and taking tickets at an Aquarium leads to feeding the Octopus and Penguins. Now that's a future, and a job my grand kids could brag about.

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