Monday, November 15, 2010

Why we got a new puppy

For the last few years I have been telling people how we timed the life expectancy of our current dog with our youngest childs High school graduation. Our Shiba Inu is 10 and my youngest is in 8th grade, that's 4 more years... Perfect! Last week my #4 daughter, who is a College student sent me a message with a link to some adorable Hybrid Shiba Inu/ Eskimo Dog puppies with a note that said..."if you love me..." Sunday evening we were still arguing over the new puppies name while he chewed up the newspaper in his pen. He is 10 weeks old, mostly black with some white markings on his forehead, paws, and chest.

In a few weeks I am going to be back home trying to relax back into being a housewife. There is no other word I can think of but housewife. My days will consist of making breakfast for my remaining 2 kids, packing their lunches, getting them to school, and waiting for them to come home. I haven't spent a day at home in a few years and surprisingly I have been able to keep up with the house. There is always a little dust on the counters, clothes on the bedroom floors, dishes in the sink, and the beds are only made perfectly when the sheets are changed. Its been okay and we have managed. I'm really looking foreword to spending more time on my home and family but I don't think housework will be on the top of my list.

This weekend we added a new member to our family. Everyone was able to be involved, including a daughter who lives in Olympia Washington with her husband and 2 kids. We packed my red minivan with the entire family and headed north about 70 minutes into farm country. The breeder had rescue dogs, some Bison, exotic sheep, horses, cats, and an emu along with the latest litter of hybrid puppies. After an hour of holding 3 different pups we went with the Black Male. The 70 minute ride home sounded alot like the 70 minute ride up, Fido, Fluffy, Ajax, Bruno... You get the message. He had a name for about 15 minutes after we arrived home when our long distant participant found the perfect name...Yogi.

We are learning all over what its like to have a puppy. Yes the are messy, have accidents, cry at night, and bark at the doorbell. Its a new start, one that will go with my new life. If I was worried about filling my days once I become a stay-at-home Mom I think I have a project. Apparently these types of dogs where used as the first circus performers. Yea...I'm going to be busy. How about Barnum?

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  1. Congrats, Your new child is perfect and so is the name. Yigo is the name of the city in Guam where my son was stationed for 5 yrs before he came back to the states.