Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Your pictures on Facebook.

When I'm bored at work and find myself with nothing to do I look at facebook. I particularly like to look at every ones pictures. Those of us that celebrated with family and friends have conveniently shared the happy smiles and feasting for everyone to click through. Although I have only shared the more formal posed shots I really enjoy the candid ones that might capture a moment of reality.

One of my daughters recently told me that she gets depressed when she looks at every ones happy pictures, you know those candid shots taken at arms length. Two people snuggled up together squeezing into the same frame with big smiles or funny faces. Like all photo's this is only a snapshot of life, a moment. We have no idea what was going on before or after the camera shutter opened and closed.

This afternoon I have been flipping through some online albums catching up with family and friends that I don't get to see very often. I'm close enough to know the struggles they are going through at this time but I don't know all the details. Some of the stuff is pretty heavy and challenging, but there they are smiling and making memories. Being aware of the sadness behind the eyes I have found the pictures kind of depressing.

Lets face it most family pictures are preceded by moaning and complaining. "I don't want to go outside its too cold." "Why do we always have to wear back?" "I'm going to make a stupid face." This year wasn't very different except now that my daughters have families of their own I have allies. It was time for them to drag spouses, kids and Grandma & Grandpa into the snow trying to capture a snapshot of the day. I just want to know "why did I have to wear black again?"

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