Monday, December 6, 2010

Digging My Own Grave

By now you've realized one of the main topics in my life right now is losing my job, and all the fun that's comes with closing an office. We have 2 weeks left until the movers come. The boxes come next week (7 days) and the packing begins. Don't ask me why but I assumed we would have people come in and pack the place up while I sat at my desk in a catatonic state mumbling under my breath. I was informed last Friday that I would be expected to be part of the packing and cleaning crew. Me and the other assistant, who is also losing her job have been given the exciting job of putting the last of this office in boxes and sending them onto a new life and future.

Its depressing and sad. I feel like I am digging my own grave and after the 6 foot hole is complete, and I am dirty and exhausted I will be expected to climb in and lay down. There is nobody here to give me a shuv or kick , at least physically but the expectation is there. Emotionally we have been pushed, pulled, and thrown around through this entire ordeal. Now its been my choice, I could have left like the other assistant, but I have some people I genuinely care about in the office and they have earned my loyalty until this job is done.

I am still picking up lunch every day and this gives me time to think. Today I started to think about what I should wear next week? Jeans? Overalls and carry a shovel? How about all black with a veil? I even considered painting my face like the traditional White Faced Sad Clown , tear drop and all. There are so many outfits that would fit the mood of the place. I still have the decorations from Halloween; headstones, bones, Grim Reaper Scythe, conveniently in my drawer that would add to the dereary atmosphere.

Our Company Christmas Party is next week. At first it was cancelled for obvious reasons, but one of my favorite people at work decided to hold the party at his home for the few that are still here. I assumed this party was a sort of going away/ farewell get together for those who have true feeling for each other and would give us a chance to say goodbye outside the office. I was wrong about that also. Its turned into a Company Christmas Party with the people responsible for the closing of our office invited and scheduled to attend. The catering has been arranged but I hear we need entertainment. How about a dunk tank, some pin the tail on ..., or some pie throwing? I promise I'll wear my overalls and bring my shovel to clean that up too.

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