Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday I hear 90 is the New 60.

I turned 50 a little over a year ago. It was okay and I really didn't mind. My older brother and sister did me the favor of paving the way and jumping over that hurdle first. Now its my little sisters turn. Her Birthday isn't until next summer but I have noticed on Facebook some of her old classmates are taking the plunge. For some reason her up coming birthday is harder to take.

Its fun to read what people say when people hit one of those monumental Birthday's...

"Your not getting older your getting better"

"50 is the new 30."

"Think of the option..."

My husband is 15 months younger than I am, and was 2 grades below me in school. He turns 50 in a few weeks. Although we are both very different looking than when we got married 26 years ago I still see him the same way I did when we were teens. A little chubbier and grayer, but still the blond bombshell with feathered hair and bell bottoms.

My widowed father-in-law recently married a high school friend. When he spoke of their blossoming romance he described her as a debutant, she in turn described my father-in-law as a popular track star and class president. They obviously saw each other as those young teenagers from years ago.

When my father visited a few years ago I drove him to a public parking lot to meet up with an old friend. This friend was also the father of one of my childhood buddies. He was a very, very handsome dad, with dark hair and features. As my father and I sat waiting I noticed an idling car fitting the description of my dad's friend, and my buddies dad. Inside the car was a really old man, white hair and hunched over. As I stared I began to recognize the old guy, and he literally transformed before my eyes. There sat my good friends handsome dad, a little older and not so dark, but still very good looking.

Getting old has its ups and downs. The downs all include the physical, aging body, sagging face, and deteriorating looks. The ups are what is going on inside, and working on who we are.

Happy birthday!  I hear 60 is the New 40, and 90 is the New 60.

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