Saturday, December 11, 2010

ChRistMaS LeTTeR TiMe...

Its about that time...2 weeks until the big day. So we all know its time for those cards to be mailed out. For some that includes getting the cards printed up, writing the yearly family update letter, addressing the envelopes and fighting the lines at the post office to make sure you get the Christmas stamp.

This year there are more options than ever regarding Holiday Greeting Cards. Some have completely dropped the paper tradition and have gone digital sending out dancing cards with their families heads proudly placed on the top of elves, reindeer, and other animated creatures, dancing, singing & wishing us Happy Holidays...I love them! Others have their secretaries and assistants updating their yearly lists, merging hundreds of addresses and mailing out stacks of cards with out even licking an envelope, or touching the card...I'm not so sure about those! I was able to create and order mine from the comfort of my kitchen and I am just waiting for them to come via the US Postal Service.

In the mean time Cards from Friends and Family have already started to arrive and my mailing list is being updated. The only thing left to decide is if we include a Christmas letter this year. There are some years when we should have done without, the year we were involved in a horrific boating accident, the year my husband had 2 clients declare bankruptcy after ordering over $100, 000 worth of material...yea, those were years we should have just put a stamp on the envelope and called it a year. I even spelled our last name wrong one of those years adding a 3rd B to the Family name. Do you think anyone caught that?

I haven't decided what we are going to do about the whole Christmas letter thing. Its been on the whole a really good year; A new grandchild, 2 masters degrees and a high school diploma, family dinners that included cousins from out of state attending school here, a new puppy, 3 in college, honor rolls, travel to Saint George and Glasgow, State & World Championships, Personal Bests, successful & growing dance school, good, good stuff including a thanksgiving with all my children and their families in attendance. Collar bones & arms have healed, relationships have been mended, hurdles are being jumped over and 2011 is looking good.

This year's card includes pictures of the most important people in the world to me, my growing Family. The good times have by far out weighed the not so good times. So I guess an obnoxious Christmas letter is in the works filled with State Championships and Honor Rolls, with a dash of job woes and broken bones. MeRrY HoLiDaY's! Now to make sure I spell our name right...

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