Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today is Election Day, I Voted first thing this morning before I went to work. I was late. Everyone who voted was late. I don’t know about you but on Election Day I like to wear the “I VOTED” sticker. It’s like becoming part of a one day club. People you come across at work, at the grocery store, restaurant, church…everywhere give you that thumbs up nod of the head. It doesn’t matter if you who you voted for, if you vote you are on the “I VOTED” team.

When I got to work one of our younger Associates was in early and was not wearing the sticker. I asked him if he had forgotten his sticker, and he replied “I don’t Vote.” His explanation included dissatisfied with the election process, not wanting to endorse any of the candidates, not feeling like his Vote counted, and mostly because he felt it doesn’t matter who is in office, nothing will change.

I would be lying if I hadn’t felt the same way. So why do I Vote? Why does this sticker mean so much to me? My parents always voted and like many kids I was drug into the booth with my Mom or Dad and allowed to pull down the levers. Sometimes my Mom would let me choose if there were ones she didn’t really know about. Luckily I was prepared today, I had made my list the night before and had it ready just like my grocery list. There were a few I hadn’t decided on yet so I got to use some of those techniques I had learned as a child when I got to help my Mom or Dad decide. “I liked this one because she was Irish, this one because his name is on an Ice-cream package, and this one because she sounds nice.”

Make sure to vote today. Vote today because you can.

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