Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who's Going to Fix that?

The next couple days at work are going fun. The office manager is on maternity leave, the assistant filling in for her is taking a couple days off, another assistant is out with a stubborn kidney stone, and the remaining assistant is transitioning to one of our new office in another State (she’s not here either). So it’s just me, the Receptionist/Mom.

At 8:25 this morning the fire alarm went off. It was really, really, really loud. Most of us tried to ignore it but after a few minutes’ people started to exit the building with their figures in their ears. The stairwell became more crowded as we descended from the 5th (top) floor. Some of the Men helped a Physically Challenged coworker down the stairs. Once outside we all just stood around waiting... and waiting. Who was supposed to fix this? It only took me a few minutes to realize it was me. Since there was no evidence of a real fire I ventured back in, up 5 flights of stairs, and made the call the property manager.

Managing a family of 8 is like running a business, so I am prepared. So far today I gave been able to locate extra computer key pads, place...then correct an order for custom stamps, change the timer on the locks, FedEx 3 packages, receive and sign for 6 packages, answer phones, send multiple emails for 2 different executives, keep the frig stocked with cold drinks, pick up the mail & daily newspaper, book the conference room and set up for a 5 hour meeting, greet and welcome guests, find the 2 extra glass doors in storage, host a video and audio test call, find replacement parts for audio headsets, order…set up…and pick up Pizza for lunch.

Next time you wonder, who’s going to fix that? Pay attention it may be you.

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