Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Search of Signs of Spring

Its March and Spring officially arrived Sunday. The last few month's of winter have been a time of change. January is usually a new start for everyone but for me it brought not only resolutions but freedom from the 9 to 5 commitment of a job. I am happy to say  I have adjusted well.

February brought a much needed vacation with my husband, and the death of my father which brought me on another type of trip. March would be about Saint Patricks Day, some show's, a parade, a last minute float, and hope for warm weather.

I knew the adjustment to life after work would take some time and I gave myself 3 months. I'm letting go of guilt, searching for the perfect routene, and as of today gone back to the gym. It feels as if I'm coming out of some kind of a hibernation and shaking off the cobwebs not only out side my house but also inside my head.

I went looking for signs of spring today and found some green shoots emerging from the muddy garden. I even found some fuzzy little buds on the tree next to the driveway. Just as I made the discovery's the wind blew in a storm with just enough snow to cover the ground once again. Life tends to do that.

Tomorrow is another day and with it comes the chance to reveal fresh growth and opportunity.

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