Saturday, February 19, 2011

Acapulco Baby...

Getting ready and planning a trip is always a mixture of emotions and excitement. First is to just choose a time that works, then decide on a location that fits the logistical criteria and available finances. Once that is chosen and tickets are booked it’s time to prepare. Since I have a little bit of an anxiety problem the next step includes some sleepless nights worrying about…well just about everything. When I planned my solo trip to interior China to pick up my daughter from a semester of teaching English I spent many nights repeating the fraise “what the H#!! was I thinking?”  By the way China was great even if my daughter did leave me standing in a remote Chinese Airport waiting for her to come get me for almost 2 hours when I first arrived.

Late January through early February was chosen as the optimal time for me and my hubby to vacation solo for the first time in….ah well I don’t remember. With only 2 of our 6 kids still living at home, and both of them being responsible teenagers we booked our 7 day trip to Acapulco in conjunction with my husband’s 50th birthday.

My night time anxiety was quickly put to rest as all my kids assured me they could take care of each other in our absence and my husband convinced me that tourists weren’t being decapitated in Acapulco, just local drug traffickers and gang members. So it was time to worry about the next item, the Bikini. I have worn a bikini all my life, I even wore one on a vacation to Saint Thomas 7 months pregnant. My maternity bathing suit was mysterious missing as I packed my bags the night before and there was no time to purchase tent style swim suit to cover my belly. So I wore my basket ball mid section like an accessory and ignored the stares.
Aging has introduced new challenges for me and my bikini, and wearing one has become more a sign of courage and defiance. I went ahead a picked up a new bikini at Costco and warned my husband of the impending disappointment of my failing physique when we would soon be sitting poolside in Acapulco. Luckily with age has also come failing eyesight and we would both be looking at each other threw a haze of Over 50 Eyesight. I also discovered that Acapulco vacationers did me the service of being 15 - 25 years older than me and even with thier saggy bodies wore tiny bathing suits with pride, even the men. Welcome to Acapulco Baby!

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