Saturday, December 18, 2010

VooDoo Dolls in the Christmas Tree

We have all seen those Christmas Trees that look like everything was purchased at once, matching ribbons, bulbs, flowers, and a variety of decorations. You know the Theme trees, the ones you would see in Malls, Hotels, and Department Stores. They are really beautiful but are simply meant to look pretty, that's it.

Before we moved out west everyone I knew had trees like mine, a miss match of random ornaments from College days, to kinder garden projects, to hand me downs from parents. No ornament was too tacky or ugly to be placed on the Christmas tree. As the years have gone by our collection  has grown even with the mishaps of cats climbing the tree, the tree tipping over, or the tree simply dropping glass balls after wilting for a few weeks.  With the collection growing some tree decorations would be left off some years, this had nothing to do with appearance, it had more to do with the lack of a story behind the bling.

So here we are this year with boxes or ornaments. Our kids smiling back with toothless grins from those cherished school projects,  new ornaments bought last year in a 70%  All Christmas Decorations Sale, and 25 years of keepsakes from here and there. Another new addition this year is 4 Voodoo Dolls from New Orleans. Hey! They are colorful, sparkly, and come with a great story. Our Voodoo dolls won't be put in a box any time soon.

Don't they look nice? but don't worry they come with white pins that are suppose to bring good luck. Does your christmas treee tell a story?

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