Friday, November 5, 2010

One of those days

I am so grateful its Friday. I need to get away from this place...WoRk! Work is going to be one of my topics until I'm gone. Each day is something new or something that has just been regurgitated.

When we first found out the office was closing and 3 of us (all assistants) would soon be losing our jobs, and the other 15 with more valuable jobs were being relocated It started. This created an Us (the fired ones) and a Them (the staying ones). Immediately things changed. I compared it to getting divorced, and your soon to be X talking about the new wife, or the new office. There has been some role reversal as some of the Chosen have started the moving process, you know telling the wife and kids, trying to sell their houses, rent or buy in the new location...the reality of being part of the popular group did have its downs. Sometimes the "In" group would commiserate with the "Out" group. But that was just to vent or complain a bit, soon they were back to looking at million dollar homes, and talking about the future...something that I was no longer a part of, I was off to the discarded pile.

So today while I had just finished cleaning up the breakfast meeting and setting up lunch, the talk and loud laughing started. Everyone was chatting enthusiastically about all of the new and exciting things coming up. What? The emptying of the closets? The shipping of furniture? Let me add that part of my incredible frustration is the fact that they have not told us when our last day is. We've been promised a bonus if we stay until It, but I guess Its not a priority, at least not for them. It changes and is always vague. So I can't make plans, even if its just mental plans. When we ask, they say "things can change." The movers called this week and we finally have a tentative date for the move, December 20-23. But that could change. I am sure I am reading too much into this but it is inconsiderate of me, my family, and my life.

So this is what set me off. We were talking about vitamins while eating lunch. It was a nice conversation until someone turned to me and asked if I could order more vitamins. Its a simple question but the chain of events, yes events, that went on in my brain pushed me over the edge. I got up and walked out, found the box of vitamins and brought it back to the break room. After I set it on the table I said, "good thing you asked for it now, it was being shipped out this afternoon."

So I am just planning on not being here in January. I'm planning on not returning after Christmas. And if they ask me to come back? Even for a day or two? I think I'm planning on having a migraine.

"Sorry honey I have a headache."

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