Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chocolate for Breakfast and other Good Intentions

My office has Breakfast food available to everyone, bread, cereal, milk, bars, fruit, and yogurt. I am in charge of keeping the break room stocked with the basics so everyone has something to grab if they didn't get a chance at home, their hotel or at the airport.

This morning I added to my routine dropping a car key off at the mechanic so he could tow our broken down car before the police impounded it. I didn't have time for breakfast at home. It wasn't a big deal, I knew what I had available at the office because I bought it. I had intended to come in, make some whole wheat toast, and have some Activia Yogurt. I had Intended...What I did instead was grab some chocolate covered nuts & stuff and pop them in my mouth. I couldn't really tell what was inside because they were were covered in chocolate. The best I could tell was they were a variety of nuts and dried fruit hiding under a layer of dark Chocolate.

I don't think it's a good idea putting so much sugar into your system all at once first thing in the morning. I can just imagine my pancreas desperately trying to produce enough insulin to process what I had just put in my mouth, and then continued to eat until I had to neutralize it by washing it all down with yogurt.

Intention is the action associated with a goal. Whether an action is successful or not depends if the intended result is accomplished. Other consequences of some one's action's can also be called un-intentional. I Intended to grab a bite to eat at work and I was successful. At the same time I unintentionally ended up eating candy. Like so many outcomes in our lives it helps to be a little more specific or we can end up unintentionally someplace wondering how we got there.

When I find myself asking my children "What were you thinking?" Its easy to see how you can end up totally off base with good intentions if your goals are not specific. If my goal was to put something in my mouth this morning, then I succeeded. If my goal was to eat breakfast,I grossly missed the mark. If I continue eating this way I'll end up with some dire consequences. Luckily I have tomorrow to try again...hopefully I'll eat that whole-wheat toast. I won't be eating that chocolate since I took care of it, and finished it off this afternoon.

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  1. Well, I don't know about that, Ceal. When I was on tour with the Folkdancers in Belgium, there was always chocolate on the breakfast table at our host family's house. Breakfast was bread, cheese, jam and chocolate, all made fabulous by the fact that they were all European.

    I miss Belgium...