Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Your fired"

So here I am on October 20th 2010. I have been employed at a fantastic place working terrific people for the last 15 month's. Unfortunately it all ends in a few weeks, December 31 to be exact. The office closes, we have been down sized, I have lost my job, or as the Donald would say "Your fired." I have had a few months to get used to the idea of no longer coming into this office and sitting at my beautiful desk. What started as a growing bustling office of 30 or more, has shrunk to about 10. This week we have 3 newly hired financial guys working out of my office while the location they will be working out of gets a face lift and triples in size. Each day brings a reminder that this is coming to an end. Its not just the paycheck, unemployment will cover the basics while I look for someplace to go, its the loss of relationships and security, that although temporary sure felt good. Who knew working for powerful people in a billion dollar company would be as unstable as a non-profit. I had left my job at a non-profit for various reasons, one of them being lack of security. I don't regret leaving, I have had a wonderful year and feel more secure in my abilities. I have found a temporary home to rest, but like all things temporary they come to en end.

I have been thinking about continuing with my blog for a while and I'd like to thank my sister in Law for encouraging me to start up. I'll keep it short today since we have some important people coming in today and I need to make sure everything looks great and everyone is well taken care of. Today is Cheesecake Factory! Always a favorite. I will also being sneaking out for an hour to watch daughter #5 compete in Cross Country States competition.

What I will try and cover in the some of my future blogs is the many ups and downs of losing your job, being 50+, rediscovering myself, friends, and family after 25 years of raising a family. I have also just recently started to exercise on a daily basis. After keeping fit for 50 years I somehow lost the desire at some point last year and pretty much used diet to keep the weight off, never a good thing. I am excited to be back in an exercise routine, and happily eating cookies again. Next step is get fit enough to share pictures of my trip to Acapulco this winter with my husband. Did I mention we can't remember the last time we vacationed together with out children? Its a bit of a milestone for us, He finally joins me in the 50's club.

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